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Album Distribution: Getting Your Music Out There

Album Distribution: Getting Started

Many musicians dream of climbing the Billboard charts and being streamed a billion times. However, only a select few get to live this dream. With that said, don’t be discouraged. If your music and image are a winning combination then you can be on your way. Establishing a quality brand presence should be the first necessity in your music career. This plays the most important role in any successful artist’s climb to the top. Once you have found a look and sound you feel that you can run with, it’s time to figure out how to even get to the Billboard charts. Well, look no further than album distribution and Spotify promotion.

album distribution

Album Distribution: The Basics

As you prepare for album distribution, you should go over a checklist on the necessities for your project. It is 2020, there is no doubt your focus will be on streaming and that Spotify promotion should be at the top of your strategic approach. Additionally, you should have a complete marketing plan on how you are going to get listeners to hear your new album. Once you have completed the project and it is mixed and mastered, perhaps it is time for the artwork design. However, sometimes artwork can inspire the music itself and can be done beforehand. All in all, your album’s artwork is perfect for marketing your album whether it is via previews or promotional videos on social media.

Now that the project is ready to go you must consider how you are going to handle your album distribution. Are you relying strictly on digital streams? This is perfectly fine with today’s industry landscape in mind. However, if you want to get physical albums pressed and distributed this is also a possibility but be sure to include a digital campaign as well. Companies like Nielsen SoundScan track music related data for album streams, track streams, and overall sales. Working with a company like View Maniac for Spotify promotion can help you climb the charts.