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Artist Bios: Selling Yourself With a Few Paragraphs

Artist Bios: Getting Started

Whether it is your website, social media profile, EPK press kit, or a different kind of publication – your artist biography should be on point. Well written artist bios highlight interesting and memorable details about who you are as a person, artist, and shines light on your back story. This should be something intriguing and relatable that fans, labels, or other music professionals desire to know more. In theory a well written ‘about me’ should hook the reader in and inform them about why they should pay attention to you. As we all know, in the music industry it just isn’t about the music. It seems most major artists have faced their fair share of difficulties on their rise to stardom and many of their fans can tell you about it. This is what you should hope for your audience and future fan-base.

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Artist Bios: The Basics

As you begin to structure your artist biography you should be well organized or else you will find yourself spinning your tires. Jot down different talking points, intriguing influences, and any basics you wish to include. Furthermore, artist bios should mention where you are from, your age, and any artists of note that you have worked with in some capacity. Additionally, be sure to include venues or events you have been apart of.

After you have your notes structured and you have a general idea of what you want your bio to include – start writing. Be sure to write this from a third person perspective. Bios can be awkward and feel pretentious reading from a first-person point of view. Start with an introduction of a few sentences, something that will hook the reader in. Follow up with a strong but brief paragraph and then a closing statement. Inform the reader of what the agenda is in the near future and your plans. Keep it professional. Avoid clichés and over-selling yourself. Remember, in most cases the person reading your artist biography has probably seen many. You want to be unique.

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