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Band Website Necessities: The Basics

Band Website Necessities: Getting Started

As a band, marketing is the difference between getting exposure and not. Whether you are trying to drive traffic to your social media profiles, website, or content – marketing is key. Through this article we are going to explore a few basics that are essential for a band website. Furthermore, applying these features to your website will generate more visitors, a better click through ratio, and convert visitors into fans.

In regard to the front end of your website (what people see), being relevant should play a major role in development. Most noteworthy, following popular trends on your band website will give users the user experience they have come to expect. Additionally, there are some not so obvious necessities that should be addressed as well. Starting off, a successful band website should feature a home page that is mobile optimized. In the modern era of the internet a website is required to look good and uniform across each device. In addition to optimization, popular pages on a musician’s website consists of bio, photo gallery, media (video and audio), contact, links to social media, store, and e-mail list.


Band Website Necessities: The Back End

The back end of your website is all about how it functions. This includes how you can update it, and what information is available for you to monitor. Monitoring performance via analytics is a great way to see which pages on your band website get the most traffic. Utilizing this information can tell you how long a visitor spends on each page and their browsing habits.

In addition to analytics, your website should be created on a content management system, commonly referred to as a CMS. A CMS allows a web admin to access each page with ease so that it isn’t necessary to change the underlying code each time to make an update. A popular CMS for musicians is WordPress.

Lastly, while in the theme of optimization – it is necessary for any website including a band website to be search engine optimized. Commonly referred to SEO, having each page optimized with keywords targeted to perform well across search engines will drive in organic traffic. Additionally, with the right keywords your website will be easily found by fans.