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Enhance Your Spotify Artist Profile

Sprucing Up Your Spotify Artist Profile

Spotify recently announced two new features to make your Spotify artist profile even better than it was. Spotify knows that music may be the focus of your profile, however it isn’t the only thing your audience sees within Spotify promotion. Because of this, there are all kinds of ways for artists to share who they are with their fans. Spotify wants to make it as easy as possible for an artist to do so. As a result, the mega streaming platform has added the ability to upload your own custom image galleries. In addition, there are tools available now for connecting all your social media accounts to your Spotify artist profile as well.


Spotify Artist Profile: Photo Galleries

Regarding the photo galleries, you can now use your Spotify for Artists app to upload images to your very own photo gallery. This is perfect for adding pictures from your most recent tour or adding behind-the-scenes shots from your rehearsal space. Add whatever you like, the key is to be creative with Spotify promotion. Artists on Spotify can add up to 125 pictures and even edit the order in which they are displayed.

In addition to editing your Spotify Artist Profile photo gallery from the app – you can also update your avatar image from the app now. Keeping your profile up to date has never been easier.


Spotify Artist Profile: Social Links

In addition to the photo gallery and app updates Spotify has also made it easy to support social media. Adding various social media handles during Spotify promotion is very easy. Using the Spotify for Artists web tool you can add your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Wikipedia links to your Spotify Artist Profile. These links will appear in the About tab. Providing curious fans a direct line to you to make it easy to connect.

It seems that Spotify’s goal is to make it easy for artists. Controlling your account and displaying information that represents your brand through the app. As a result, Spotify promotion is easier than it ever was.