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Event Marketing Tips with Facebook

Event Marketing Tips: Getting Started

Going live can be unpredictable. However, using a tool like Facebook live successfully can be rewarding for your brand. Going over a few event marketing tips will ensure that you aren’t wasting your time or anybody else’s. Furthermore, it’s quite possible things can go wrong such as your WiFi connection acting up, bad lighting, or too much noise. Utilizing these tips in preparation will give you the best results. Let’s look at simple improvements to your approach to Facebook promotion via Facebook live.


event marketing basics

Event Marketing Tips: The Basics

First and foremost, don’t go Live without a plan. When considering any event marketing tips this is something that must be acknowledged. Planning your Facebook promotion via Facebook live should consider the location, lighting, background noise, and power of the internet connection. Additionally, consider the places you think you might utilize and take some practice video there. Play it back and see if there are any significant noise, lighting, or other relevant issues.

In addition to previously mentioned event marketing tips you should schedule your live events to maximize viewership. Most noteworthy, some live video is spontaneous but if you know you’re going live – tell your fans in advance. Facebook promotion recommends giving your fans a day’s notice with an announcement on your Facebook Event page. Furthermore, scheduling it is even better. This is a powerful trick to build buzz among viewers in advance and train your audience to show up at a certain time.

Be sure to connect with your largest and most engaged audience. It might make the most sense to you to go live via Facebook Event, however, if your Facebook Page or private group has more engaged fans, that may be your best route. Additionally, consider live video descriptions mandatory. It can be easy to forget about little details like writing a video description. However, doing so will ensure your overall distribution plan does not suffer. Be sure to include your event name, location, any special guests, and whatever your intention call to action is. The more meta information you provide to describe your video, the easier it is for Facebook to distribute to your fans.

Lastly, encourage participation and engagement. This will help with your Facebook promotion efforts and get our video to more of your fan’s timelines. Using these event marketing tips properly can boost your maximum exposure.

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