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Facebook Algorithm: Cost Effective Ads for Musicians

Facebook Algorithm: Getting Started

It’s become quite obvious for musicians and brands looking to share their content on Facebook that the social network withholds updates from most of your followers. Furthermore, the platform has recently updated the Facebook algorithm to combat organic Facebook promotion and push brands into advertising. It isn’t necessarily fair considering your fans follow your page because they are interested in your content. However, this is the way the social network works and with such a large userbase it is necessary to expand your reach throughout.

Perhaps you have just created something super cool that you’re proud of and want to share to your fans. Unfortunately, just posting it on your page is not enough. You would almost be better off posting it to a personal page and getting your friends and fans to engage or share from there, or even a closed Facebook group. However, that limits your audience and brand awareness. The only option available to reach the masses is via promoted posts. Facebook promotion doesn’t have to be a scary thing if you know what you’re doing.


Facebook Algorithm: Getting the Most out of Your Ads

For musicians looking to get the most reach for their posts they should be looking at the Ads Manager. Most noteworthy, Facebook does give you the option to promote directly from your page, but you will get better results for your campaigns from the Ads Manager dashboard. Facebook promotion through the Ads Manager gives you the ability to analyze your most engaged audiences. Additionally, you will be able to learn their behaviors, interests, and then target others that are similar.

After you have familiarized yourself with the Ads manager you should look into lookalike audiences. This is a great way to ensure that your ads reach the right people to allow Facebook to analyze your organic successes with engagement. If you are unsure of what you’re looking for – creating a lookalike audience from your existing audience is a great place to start.

Most noteworthy, boosted posts and ads are not the same thing. They have two different functions because they are based on objectives. Furthermore, while boosting posts can be to an outside audience – their primary focus is to maximize engagement with your existing audience. Ads give you more control over pulling in a new audience. This is just the way that the Facebook algorithm is designed to work.

Lastly, give your ads time to learn, adapt, and optimize. You may feel like Facebook is trying to get money out of you, and they are, but allowing the platform to do some real-time learning about your audience will pay off. Spend some time and money testing and see what works for you during your next Facebook promotion campaign. hairy woman