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Facebook Music Promotion Features

Facebook Music Promotion Features: Getting Started

Facebook has been adding new Facebook music promotion features after recent deals with major labels. Because of this, the results are feeling a lot like a modern day MySpace Music. For those who are unaware, about a decade ago this was the number 1 marketing platform for independent musicians. Even major artists got in the mix with customized layouts and promotion tactics. A music player featured on each musician’s page and allowed regular MySpace users to add songs to their profiles. The result created organic traffic and interest and helped build brands.

As a result of the recent deals there are some new Facebook music promotion features. Most noteworthy, musicians now have the ability to add songs to their profile and Facebook Stories. This is turning the massive social network into a major viral music marketing opportunity. Let’s go over what’s new.


Facebook Music Promotion Features: What’s New

Users of the social network can add a song to photos and videos that are shared to Facebook Stories. Additionally, they will be added to News Feeds soon. It is as easy as taking a photo or video from the Facebook Camera or grabbing one from your camera roll. In addition to creating or selecting a photo ro video you will need to click the sticker icon and select the music sticker. Once you have the song you want to add, you can pick specific parts to share and add the artist and song name. Customize your story by moving the sticker around or adding other stickers and effects.

Additionally, Facebook has rolled out Lip Sync Live to all profiles in many countries around the world. It’s worth noting that they are also opening the Facebook music promotion feature to more artists and creators by expanding to Pages. Lyrics are starting to roll out and are available for some major songs. There will be more on this development at a later time.

Lastly, Facebook will soon be launching the ability to add songs. For example, what you’re currently listening to or your all-time favorites to a specific music section on your profile. Pinning a song to your profile will all you to share with friends. Songs added to profiles will also visually showcase the artist and track chosen.

For musicians looking to build their brand and diversify their exposure, this is an exciting time. Facebook Music promotion has gotten a bit easier with this.