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Facebook Promotion for Musicians

Grow Your Brand with Facebook Promotion

It should be no secret for tech savvy musicians that Facebook is a great network to market themselves on. However, with an ever changing landscape and constant updates – finding consistency to stay relevant on a fans timeline has become a challenge. Whether it is Facebook not showing posts in favor of paid ads to incentivize brands to spend money to promote themselves or other perhaps other reasons. Let’s look at some different options a musician or band can use to promote themselves on Facebook. Here are some Facebook Promotion tips for musicians.


Facebook Promotion

Get More Out of Facebook

Any brand on Facebook, whether a musician, band, label, or even a company should always start off by branding themselves. This is something we harp on here often, but it cannot be understated. Without a strong visual presentation, you will flounder around waiting for clicks. However, beyond that we can look at some Facebook promotion techniques that can help bring you some attention.

Simply posting new content often can help. Fans that follow your posts will look forward to your constant posting and in most cases engage. Although, it should be noted that Facebook does prioritize paid Facebook ads over free posts from brand pages. Because of Facebook favoring paid promotion over free promotion, your posts may not reach as many people as you would like.

Another option that may be overlooked is joining Facebook groups related to your genre. Musicians are often able to share and network with other musicians through this avenue. It may be something worth looking into but can be quite time consuming.


Facebook Promotion

Paid Facebook Promotion Options

As previously mentioned, Facebook tends to have a “pay to play” approach to Facebook promotion these days. While at times this can be obnoxious and minimizing the “social” aspect to the social network – it can be effective. Facebook Ads allow you to target users through demographics. However, if done wrong this can be costly.

Recognizing that Facebook promotion is vital for a musician’s brand to grow is definitely a step in the right direction. If you’re intimidated by Facebook ads, you may be justified in feeling that way. There is no shame in hiring a professional if you don’t feel have enough knowledge or time. Check out ViewManiac and our Facebook promotion for musician services.