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Facebooks signs deal with Warner Music

Facebook signs licensing deal with Warner Music

Facebook Inc has signed a new licensing agreement with Warner Music group. This new agreement covers the record labels music and publishing catalogs for use on social media. An easy way to explain it would be is that Facebook’s users can use music from the Warner Music catalog and not have their video taken down. As the deal currently stands, users can create, upload, and share videos with licensed music without the fear of copyright violations. Based on the new partnership, Warner Music and Facebook will continue to work together in hopes to develop new products. Enhancing user experience with music and personalization across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Oculus is the goal. Facebook’s team is creating an innovative product that is showing commitment to growth and participation within the music industry. The two companies have come to a deal that recognizes the value of music across social media.


Warner Music and the Fans

Warner Music has an incredible catalog of music that will be represented through Facebook’s platforms. They are certainly excited to work with the social network and create new opportunities for the company’s song writers and Facebook’s user base. This partnership will expand music streaming and create supplementary revenue for artists. Fan created video is a great way to create viral videos. However, the process shows a personal approach that music is enjoyed and that others can relate to. This is where the marriage between record label and social network comes into play. The collaboration leads to new possibilities for Warner Music and their artists. For Facebook, the partnership enhances user experiences across all of their networks. Users are able to communicate and express themselves to music they love.

With this deal, Warner Music joins other major labels such as Universal Music Group and Sony/ATV Music Publishing. All of these companies now have licensed music to the social media platform. As a result, music brings to life the happy, the sad, the throwback, and the funny in messages that we share with others. Furthermore, musicians should reap the benefits of these kinds of partnerships and hopefully get their music out to new audiences.