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Finding an Online Mixing Engineer

Finding an Online Mixing Engineer: Getting Started

As a musician, band, or producer – getting your song as close to perfection is ideal. Creativity can be taken as far as you are able to push it. However, translating that creativity in to a sonically pleasing song is another thing. Spending money on studio time or recording equipment will bring the recording quality up to a standard but it isn’t everything. Mixing and mastering is where the “magic” happens. Although the basics are easy to understand in theory, owning the craft is required for professional releases. If your resources are limited and you don’t know any engineers, this article is for you. Finding an online mixing engineer that you are able to trust with your hard work and creativity is key. Let’s look at the who, what, whys and where’s.


Finding an Online Mixing Engineer: The Basics

Especially relevant when searching for an online mixing engineer is to look into their discography. Spend some listening to mixes. It is important listen on different speakers. A cell phone, TV, car stereo, headphones, and studio monitors are recommended. If the mix sounds clean and clear across each speaker – the engineer can be trusted. However, while some engineers are able to get a mix clean, finding somebody that can do a clean mix and take your song to the next level. The utilization of reverb, delay, and effects will give your song that special feel.

So, how does somebody find an online mixing engineer? Use Google for a start. Search keywords that are relevant to what you are searching for. Additionally, check around on social media. Nowadays, an online mixing engineer may try to connect with artists. Advertising mixing and mastering services is common within the online musician community. Do your due diligence by checking their work and credits.

Lastly, if a search for mixing and mastering seems overwhelming… check out our mixing and mastering services here at ViewManiac. Having worked with major labels, artists, and many independents across all genres – we can get you the sound that you desire.