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Get Featured on Spotify Playlists

Spotify Playlists: How to Get Featured

These days, stream counts are a huge indicator of success on Spotify. However, there’s another factor that contributes a monstrous role – how many times you have been featured on Spotify playlists. Sources say that one out of five plays across streaming services happen within a playlist. This number continues to grow. It is reported that half of Spotify’s global users listen to human-curated playlists. This alone generates more than a billion players per week. Not too shabby.

It’s no secret that people love and trust Spotify playlists for music discovery. For artists, it is perfect for Spotify promotion as well. Additionally, since there are millions of playlists, you have a great opportunity to connect with niche audiences that will truly resonate with your sound.


Spotify Playlists Curator

Spotify Playlists: Steps to Get Featured

Taking the proper steps moving forward can get a musician featured of Spotify playlists. Let’s have a look at what an artist should do.

First and foremost, getting verified is a must. It is really easy to become a verified artist on Spotify, all it requires is filling out a short form. The verified check mark next to your name not only signifies that you are legitimate but also gives you more control over your artist page. Verified artists have access to a wealth of stats and fan insights. Most noteworthy, Spotify recently announced a new beta feature that allows all verified artists to submit unreleased music directly for playlist consideration. However, they’re still testing this feature and it will likely be modified based on partner feedback.

In addition to verification, a musician should be active on Spotify and proactive with Spotify promotion. The more active you are the more likely you are to get noticed by human curators and Spotify’s algorithm. Make sure you release new music regularly, even if it is just a single or EP. Start small and work your way up. Getting featured on big and official playlist is something most artists dream of, however it isn’t that simple. Simultaneously working the algorithm and homing in on a niche will get you noticed by more influential curators.

Finally, musicians need to keep their online presence strong. If you manage to grab a playlist feature, no matter how small, a strong social media presence plays a huge role in Spotify promotion. Additionally, be sure to put together a compelling and personalized pitch for each curator. Communicate why your song would be the right fit for their playlist and spend some time doing research. It may not always be easy to get featured on Spotify Playlists, but in the grand scheme of being a successful musician – it is very important.