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Hiring a Music Publicist

Hiring a Music Publicist: Getting Started

There will always be opinions on when an artist is ready for hiring a publicist. However, the reality is that it will depend on the individual artist themselves. No artist, publicist, or manager is the same and each have different needs or priorities. Music publicist services can vary as well. As a result, it is best to come up with a list of milestones to accomplish before hiring a music publicist. After you have checked each milestone off the list, chances are you’re ready.


Music Publicist Services

Hiring a Music Publicist: To-do List

Artists or bands looking for music publicist services should have experience playing live shows. Creating a local buzz via performing will ensure that your publicist can do their job efficiently. Without performances under your belt, generating a buzz is difficult. Being comfortable in front of crowds and press is a necessity in the music industry.

An important piece to the puzzle for music publicist services is that you have brand identity. Being branded visually and having a signature sound makes you marketable. A marketable artist gives new fans and audiences something to remember. In addition, an artist should have finished at least one album before attempting to work with a publicist. Having material to reference or push is dire.

Build your online presence up a bit before hiring a music publicist. Holding as much power in your career as possible will give you options. If your brand and online presence already has a bit of a following, you will be having a better chance of picking which publicist you want to work with. However, there are music publicist services that an artist can benefit from when growing their brand.


Music Publicist Services

Hiring a Music Publicist: Be Self Aware

As an artist it is possible to lock yourself into a mold. As a result, this can limit your potential or opportunities. Try to be as objective as possible with yourself and don’t be afraid to ask others for feedback. Attempting to be too artistic can be off-putting and isolate your fans. Educate yourself a bit about the music industry and the positions and roles involved. Knowing enough about the music industry can prevent an artist from being taken advantage of.