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Holiday Music Promotion Ideas

Holiday Music Promotion Ideas: Getting Started

As the Holidays approach, it is the perfect time to engage with your fans. Perhaps even a time to reach out to a new audience. However, as traditional marketing efforts will work – this time of year allows for some fun ways to get your self out there. In this article we will go over some Holiday Music promotion ideas to build engagement throughout your fan-base and stimulate some sales.

Creating Holiday themed music or content for your social media is a simple, catchy, and fun way to promote. Find some holiday classics that are in the public domain and do a cover to that song. Additionally, creating art, videos, or memes to share is especially relevant. Engaging with fans and getting them to an end point is the ultimate goal, so be creative!

Holiday Music Promotion Ideas: Engagement

 Holiday music promotion can include many different ideas. A contest or giveaway will really engage your followers. Putting focus on your merchandise by showcasing it via a contest will generate plenty of interest. Creating an exclusive type of merch relating to the holidays will be especially desirable and potentially profitable. While followers will all be hopeful to have won the item, those who didn’t may buy.

In addition to a giveaway – arranging a Holiday meet and greet with your fans will be a great experience! If your fan base is large enough, do it in person. If you’re still building, set up a live stream. Play or listen to holiday music together and make it something to remember for all. This type of event creates a bond and a long-term fan.

Lastly, a great holiday music promotion idea is to pair up with a charity. The holidays are a time for giving, and what better way than to get your fans involved. There are many charities out there, find one that resonates best with your message and your fan-base. Most noteworthy, whether it is a show or an event, working together with your fans for the benefit of others will benefit all involved.