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How to Get on Spotify Playlists

Spotify Playlists: Getting Placements

For a lot of musicians, getting discovered always seems to be the hardest step. Perhaps you have figured out the rest such as writing great music, branding your online presence, and figuring out your overall sound and quality. However, now that you have the essentials covered – it’s time to get your music out there. Getting your music placed on Spotify Playlists can give you a good bump in popularity and revenue, to say the least. So, how does somebody make that happen? Let’s take a look at the steps you can take to get there.

The first step any Spotify artist should take when they are attempting to get onto Spotify Playlists is to get verified. It is extremely easy to do and there’s no excuse or reason not to. Simply log in to Spotify for Artists and confirm your information. Within a few weeks you will receive a little blue check mark on your Spotify profile. Awesome, right? In addition, you should create your own playlist. This is a great way to get initial streams by creating a playlist of similar artists and songs to your music. Be sure to give your playlist a name that will entice people to click, listen, and spend some time with it.


Spotify Playlists: Connect with Others

Now that you have been verified and have been in rotation on your own playlist – it’s time to connect with others. Find playlists to pitch your music to. There are 3 different types of playlists to search for. Genre, mood/activity, and similar artists. Spend some time finding the right ones that you feel your music will really resonate with. After you have made your picks, it’s time to pitch.

Pitching your music to blogs or branded Spotify Playlists can feel a bit intimidating. Not everybody will accept but some will! Furthermore, playlists such as Indiemono and Songpickr have submission platforms as well as Facebook pages and email addresses where you can email the curators to consider your track.  Additionally, there are thousands of playlists which have been created by regular Spotify users that you can target. Contacting them is simple. Simply search the type of playlist you’d like to be on and look at the results. Find a playlist you like and connect with the creator by clicking on their profile and matching their Spotify profile picture to their Facebook.

Lastly, now that you have been added to some playlists and are getting streams this is the right time to pitch to official Spotify Playlists. However, you will need to know who you are targeting and which playlists they curate. The best approach is to search on Linkedin and find Spotify playlist curators. They are usually called “Editors” so your search term should be “Spotify Editor”. Their bios should indicate which playlists they operate.