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IGTV Marketing for Musicians on Instagram

IGTV Marketing: Getting Started

In the everchanging landscape of marketing for musicians, platforms have to adapt. Whether it is competition from other platforms or just due to basic needs – social media has to change with the times to stay especially relevant. Most noteworthy, Instagram is leading the pack. IGTV marketing is a powerful tool musicians and artists can use to generate interest. Additionally, built on the premise of engaging and interacting with fans, this Instagram tool is great. Series for IGTV allows users to give their stories consistent themes and titles. Furthermore, it also allows for several other interesting tweaks, making branding simpler for musicians and Instagram marketing.


IGTV Marketing: The Basics

As we dive further into this Instagram marketing tool, we can see that Series on IGTV has just been introduced. This new feature lets users organize their IGTV marketing videos into a series with a consistent title and theme. Unlike the feed, live, or stories – IGTV allows you to brand and create your own series that an audience can look forward to. Consider it to be like your own TV series on the platform. Hence the name.

As your IGTV series gains popularity you will be able to engage with fans via push notifications. Viewers are given the option to opt-in to notifications so every time they post a new IGTV video, your audience will be the first to know. Keeping in line with themes and titles, you will be able to brand your series. Videos within a series will display as one playlist on the series page with titles and descriptions.

Additionally, viewers are able to watch an episode from the series and the next episode will be automatically recommended for continued viewing, assuming it exists. This allows viewers to watch your whole catalog of content within a playlist. For musicians with a dedicated fanbase, this is Instagram marketing geared toward a targeted audience. Utilizing tools such as this will grow your brand in no time.