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How Independent Rappers Make Money

Can Independent Rappers Make Money Doing What They Love?

Answering that question can be pretty straight forward and the answer should be obvious. Yes. Independent rappers can make money through multiple streams of income beyond digital music distribution. It all comes down to the hustle and work ethic. However, it isn’t about going a hundred and ten percent in one direction. Diversifying a strategy and approach as an independent rapper is a necessity. Not only is it necessary for the sake of income but also when working with other artists, producers, or engineers. For a producer or engineer, there is nothing worse than the aspiring rapper that wants work but doesn’t want to pay. A rapper that understands that the music business is indeed a business will be treated in a professional manner. So, how do independent rappers make money?


Hustles for Independent Rappers to Make Money

The most popular approach independent rappers make money with is digital music distribution. With that said, this article will focus mostly on other methods to explore. However, for those who don’t know much about digital music distribution, it can be a great start to make money.

Performing gigs can be a great way for independent rappers to make money. You should be wary about charging a premium though if you consider the saturation. Taking opportunities that are given to you and capitalizing can turn into long lasting gigs. Performing can also expand your fanbase, thus increasing your popularity. Rappers with more “clout” can begin to charge for features as lesser known artists will be looking to expand their brand’s recognition.

Another benefit for a rapper that has gained popularity can be on social media. Getting paid to post sponsored content is another great source of income. Artists looking to gain new fans will often pay for “shout outs”, so having a popular brand can really pay off. If you’re really lucky and your sound is polished, you might even be able to offer writing services. You just have to be creative in your approach to be financially independent as a rapper and you don’t always have to rely on digital music distribution. But it does help.