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Instagram Stories: Sharing Music

Instagram Stories: A Cool New Way to Share Music

Instagram has recently launched a brand-new feature that allows many of its monthly users to add music to the Instagram Stories. Users can now select music from thousands of popular licensed songs and the social media platform says the library will be updated daily. This new integration comes after Facebook’s recent deals with record labels. Additionally, this allows the feature to exist in a way that copyright won’t allow on its competitor platform – Snapchat. Most noteworthy, Instagram has 1 billion monthly users while Instagram Stories has 400 million daily users. According to TechCrunch, the stories feature has grown six times faster than Snapchat’s entire app.


Instagram Stories with Music: How Does it Work?

According to Instagram the Instagram Stories with music feature will work similar to the stick and polls. Now you can add a soundtrack to your story that fits any moment or mood and helps to express yourself. Additionally, this feature is offered as a mode. Worth noting, it is similar to ‘Live’ or ‘Boomerang’, so users can pick a song before capturing a photo or video to sync up to their content with the music. Most noteworthy, this feature is extremely customizable. Users are able to select exact portions of the song they’d like to play on their video or photo. However, this specific feature is currently limited to iOS, with Android coming soon. The ‘Music’ stickers currently only link to artists featured on select accounts. However, it is very possible that Instagram will eventually roll out deep links for all artists.

For those wondering if this service is monetizable it is worth noting that Instagram Stories will reportedly compensate musicians and right holders. However, the payment process is a bit unclear, artists that have their songs played will be compensated as necessary. Instagram Music could be a big step in Instagram marketing and is something to keep an eye on.