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Instagram Video Trailer and You

What is an Instagram Video Trailer?

Artists looking for unique ways to promote new music videos or songs, this article may be for you. An Instagram Video Trailer is a video designed to match your music video or brand. Trailers such as these are perfect for promoting a new release. Generally speaking, the video trailer consists of three parts. A banner at the top of the video and another one at the bottom. The middle of the video will display the actual music video. An Instagram Video Trailer is designed to fit on your Instagram account perfectly in HD quality. Perfect for promoting a video with power to make people click.

Leveraging a video against Instagram’s traffic can turn in great results. Instagram boasts over 800 million monthly users. Daily active users are around 500 million, not too shabby. Internet marketers have realized the power and potential of this social network which is why most brands are active and regularly post on Instagram. The best way to maximize performance of your video is to understand the best time to post. Getting this part right will promote organic Instagram engagement. An Instagram Video Trailer is an effective and creative way to showcase your releases.

How to Get an Instagram Video Trailer

There are two ways to get an Instagram Video Trailer. Your first option is to make one yourself. The second option is to hire a professional. If you have experience in video editing, then you will just need to do some research and find some comparable examples. As a result, without experience, find someone that can make one for you.

ViewManiac has been an innovator when it comes to the Instagram Video Trailer. We were the first company to offer this as a service and have worked with many major artists and labels. Working with us is as simple as sending us some images and your video link and the rest is done for you. Additional perks to the service are 1-day delivery, catchy overlay graphics with a modern design, and it is designed to match your music video.

Check out for more information and to get your own Instagram Video Trailer

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