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Leasing Beats: Affordable Beats for Your Project

Leasing Beats: Getting Started

Let’s be honest – most rappers don’t have major label budgets for their albums or mixtapes. Furthermore, unless you have a music producer that is a close friend – getting beats for free is difficult. Most noteworthy, with free beats comes saturation. A producer that is giving away their tracks to every rapper, will make your songs less special. The reason for this is, if somebody hears a song with the same beat as yours – they may consider yours a remix. It could be the best “remix” they have heard, but in their eyes, it’s still someone else’s track. This is why leasing beats or buying exclusive rights is a necessity for any musician who takes their career seriously. Unless by chance you are blessed with the opportunity of a promising producer taking you under their wing – this should be the route you would want to go. Investing in your career is the best way to get ahead in the music industry.

Leasing Beats: The Basics

As we look at different kind of rights an artist might acquire when leasing beats, we will see there are a few options. In many cases, producers will offer 3 to 5 tiers. The first tier is always a basic lease. This is usually a MP3 version of the beat, or chances are you will pay a little bit extra for the WAV version. The second tier is usually a premium WAV, this would indicate the beat is professional mixed and the quality is maximized for your recording project. The next tier is generally a track out lease. This is where the more professional artist would begin their interest. The reason why a track out is necessary for a project is because you want your engineer to mix your vocals alongside the beat itself, rather than over. The last tier before exclusive rights is generally “Unlimited”. This indicates that the track can be sold as many times as you want digitally, as well as performed – however, other artists can still lease this track. It is not exclusive to you.

This brings us to exclusive rights. While this is the most expensive price point for any beat – it is probably the best option. Having a beat that you control who can use limits the possibilities of other artists using this track – unless you say so. This is entirely up to you.

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