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Lil Pump: From Soundcloud to Bidding War

Lil Pump: Soundcloud Superstar

Over the past year, Lil Pump has become quite the phenomenon among rap fans. Pump began uploading songs to the popular music sharing website SoundCloud in 2016. However, in just over a year he gained almost one hundred million streams! As his popularity grew he was able to co-headline a tour with fellow Miami rapper Smokepurpp. Lil Pump’s unique style garnered him a huge following and his continued success thrusted him up the Billboard Hot 100 charts to number three with his song, Gucci Gang. Lil Pump released his self-titled debut mixtape back in October. So, aside from making music that resonates with his fans one might wonder how did SoundCloud promotion play into Lil Pump’s success.


Lil Pump vs Warner Bros

In early January it was reported that Lil Pump was not actually signed to Warner Bros. Apparently his contract was voided because the rapper was a minor when he originally signed the contract. News of Lil Pump’s contract status spread quickly and interest from other labels started to pour in. Most noteworthy, Gucci Mane. The rapper wasted no time in reaching out to Pump and left a comment on a photo saying, “1017 you name the price”. That is a label that might be a good fit for an artist with his first major single being “Gucci Gang”. However, Gucci Mane isn’t the only rap mogul joining the conversation. This past week DJ Khaled posted a photo of himself and Lil Pump together at Khaled’s Miami home. The photos caption reads, “MOGUL TALK!! STIL IN THE MEETING!!!! I TOLD MY LAWYER THIS IS URGENT! LET’S GET THIS DEAL DONE”.

So, you must wonder, where might Lil Pump sign? It’s hard to tell right now but it is crazy to think about the success the artist has had from SoundCloud promotion. Artists looking to break into the music industry generally take a few different paths. SoundCloud seems to be the most recent route. For those of you looking for SoundCloud promotion – check out ViewManiac.