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Logo Design for Musicians

Logo Design for Musicians: Getting Started

As a musician you probably are generally creative and artistic. However, maybe you aren’t necessarily a visual artist – maybe you are. Maybe you enjoy marketing – maybe you don’t. Unfortunately, these are things that musicians in 2019 have to be savvy in. Furthermore, logo design for musicians should always be a priority when building a brand.

Creating a universally recognizable visual representation for yourself is a must. It must tell new fans and individuals who and what you are at a glance. With an overload of visual stimulation at our finger tips day in and day out, it is easy to get lost in the mix. Standing out in relevant fashion has to be a focus in efforts to attract new audiences. Additionally, logo design for musicians should be unique to each individual artist and share qualities similar to the musician’s personality and sound. So, how does somebody go about creating or getting a logo? Let’s take a look into that.


Logo Design for Musicians: Finding Your Visual Representation

As previously discussed, having a universally recognizable logo to represent yourself is key. Especially relevant, you don’t need to be a graphic designer to come up with a logo. However, it helps. Although for those who aren’t – spend some time doing research. Look at most major artists or bands logos and analyze the character within it. How does that logo represent their brand and what makes it recognizable? These are questions you should be able to answer before you move forward with creating your own.

After you are finished with your research it is time to apply what you have found. Even if you are not a graphic designer, perhaps you can sketch some ideas on paper, illustrator, or whatever art program your computer has. If you have a design that you are happy with – be sure that it is a vector so it can be resized without losing any quality.

Lastly, logo design for musicians can be overwhelming. If you are in over your head, reach out to a professional. View Maniac has been providing logos for many major artists and labels. We design our logos in a vector format with unique designs and offer revisions if necessary. For more information or to look at our portfolio, check out