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Lyric Video Promotion: Share Your Lyrics With Your Fans

Lyric Video Promotion: Getting Started

Having a lyric video is a fantastic alternative to an official music video. Furthermore, this has become almost an industry standard upon any new music release. You can expect a lyric video to come out alongside a music video or before a release. Additionally, good lyric video promotion will feature the brands design and branding. This is more than just colorways but usually representing a specific aesthetic and style. If you are unaware of what a lyric video is – this is a video that displays the lyrics to the song as the words are sung or rapped. Typically speaking, the lyrics will move rhythmically to the music, similar to a karaoke style video. However, the lyrics are generally styled in cool and unique ways.

Lyric Video Promotion: The Basics

Now that you are informed by what a lyric video is – let’s look at the marketing aspect. There are a few different reasons why an artist may consider this kind of video for promoting a song. First, perhaps they don’t have the means or connections to get an official music video produced. Sure, you could make videos of yourself on your cell phone in selfie mode, but let’s be honest, there is a specific quality that must be obtained. Alternatively, audio visualizers are a popular and affordable solution. However, this is generally just a visual of a graphic moving to the music. Still, a fantastic promotional tool in its own right.

What makes lyric video promotion a great part of your marketing strategy is that it is unique. A high-quality lyric video production is not easy to come by or create. This requires an expert in design that is able to put together a video that matches your branding, as well as captures the feel for your music. Additionally, lyric videos can be displayed anywhere that allows embedding videos. Generally, this stands for all social networks, blogs, and websites.

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