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Machine Gun Kelly vs Eminem

Machine Gun Kelly & Eminem Beef Their Way onto the Charts

Controversy sells. What better way to create interest for yourself than a good ole fashion rap beef? For Eminem, this is nothing new. However, Machine Gun Kelly finds himself reaping the benefits of going toe to toe with his idol. Most noteworthy, both rappers find themselves on the Social 50 chart. MGK makes his first appearance since June 2017. The rapper previously reached Billboard’s Social 50 chart for one week and made it to number 46. Now, due to the popular beef MGK finds himself at number 13. The latest tally is dated September 15th, following the release of his diss track to legendary rapper Eminem on September 3rd.  Machine Gun Kelly’s “Rap Devil” currently has over 86 million views and still climbing. The artist also found himself on top of iTunes for the first time, as well.


Machine Gun Kelly vs Eminem: Social 50

So, what exactly is the social 50 and how are artists ranked? The social 50 is powered by data tracked by music analytics company Next Big Sound and ranks the most popular artists on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Wikipedia, and Tumblr. The methodology of the chart blends weekly additions of fans and followers along with page views and engagement. MGK’s current uptrend is due to 113,000 Twitter mentions, as well as 147,000 Wikipedia views. It’s worth noting that the charts latest tracking week ended September 6th, so both artists will continue to trend upwards due to recent developments in their rap beef.


Machine Gun Kelly vs Eminem: Killshot

Regarding Eminem throughout this beef, the rapper re-enters the Social 50 at number 5. This is his highest ranking since he reached number 3 in October 2017. With all of the attention and controversy circling Kamikaze, in addition to excitement from fans – Eminem landed 438,000 Twitter mentions. Additionally, 255,000 new subscribers found their way to Eminem’s YouTube channel. This is certainly thanks to the music video release of his song “Fall” and the audio tracks released.

Beyond the album, Eminem fired back at Machine Gun Kelly with a scathing diss song called “Killshot”. It is certainly nothing less than that. As Billboard updates the Social 50 in the coming weeks, and as MGK’s new EP is released, it will be very interesting to see where these rappers land.