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Make Your Instagram Story Work for You

Instagram Story Basics

If you’re a musician, at this point, you should be aware of how important Instagram is when it comes to promoting yourself. However, how can you take advantage of your Instagram Story? It seems stories are commonly brushed off and many artists don’t invest any time or effort into creating them. Most noteworthy, this approach is wrong as they can be one of the easiest things you can do for self-promotion.

Understanding the importance and what stories can do for you is key for Instagram marketing. Connecting with your followers through various tools will broaden your engagement. Let’s look at some Instagram Story basics.


Instagram Story Basics: Tips and Tricks

When it comes to your actual Instagram page, be smart about how often you post new content. There is no exact blueprint on how often you should be uploaded new pictures and videos but there are different schools of thought. Some believe posting twice a day, while others preach two or three times a week. It truly depends on your audience and the relevance of the content you are posting. Over-posting can annoy followers. However, an Instagram Story can be coupled together with other stories. Connecting five to ten stories every day gives fresh content and allows your audience to click through and see what they want.

Other Instagram marketing features to be taken advantage of are tagging other users. Including others in your posts can generate third party interest. Additionally, a user can post a sticker, emoji, or hundreds of gifs within their stories. Take a poll, set up a countdown, or even share snippets of songs from Apple Music. Instagram Stories has the tools to share new music and create interest and engagement.

Lastly, Instagram now has a feature called highlights that allows you to group stories together and save them so anyone can view them at any time. Most noteworthy, after you’ve shared something to your Instagram story, simply look at it and click the heart-shaped “highlight” icon and group whatever you’d like together.

The key for proper Instagram marketing is to stay fresh and relevant with your content. Think about what your fans would like to see and go from there.