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Music PR 2020: Public Relations for Musicians

Music PR 2020: Getting Started

Musicians are still trying to find ways to gain exposure for their music. However, social media outlets are focused on selling ads. This is why music PR 2020 is a necessity for most artists. While the landscape has evolved, public relations are still especially relevant. Perhaps you feel you have the skillset to replace what a music publicist might be able to do for your career. Do you have the time though? Juggling creating music, promotion, marketing, and living life can be a difficult task – don’t forget to make time for your day job or source of income. Let’s dive into the basics of music PR and see what you can do to improve your music career.

music pr 2020

Music PR 2020: The Basics

There are quite a few different outlets for musicians. Blog and video placements, features, radio/podcast appearances, and performances are great public relation opportunities. Furthermore, many of these can be attainable with the right resources and connections. Technology reigns supreme and especially with the current pandemic, utilizing internet resources have become more important than ever. As you strategize the growth of your career, be sure that you have all of the requirements in place. This includes an EPK press kit, Website, Social Media with branding, a catalog of music, and professional music videos and photographs.

As people begin discovering music through different outlets such as playlists and social media – it becomes harder to market yourself. This is why music PR 2020 requires connecting with curators. Getting your music in the hands of the tastemakers will allow you the opportunity to gain new fans. A good music publicist will have these connections and can help you broaden your fanbase via this approach. Additionally, a public relations specialist should be able to provide all of the resources necessary to boost your career.

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