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Music Press Release: Professional Writing Tips

Music Press Release: Getting Started

In the current state of the music industry, influencers and social media celebrities may make you feel like a music press release is unnecessary. However, on the contrary, a solid press outlet can give you the leg up on your fellow musicians. Furthermore, this could be a strategic approach into reaching a large audience, professionally, and globally.

Most importantly, your music press release should be the best representation of you. This can be utilized to be sent to music professionals at labels, managers, or agents. Additionally, a proper press release can be used to inform fans about your career – past, present, and where you are going. What projects you have done and what you are releasing. Let’s go over some professional writing tips to get you started.

music press release

Music Press Release: The Basics

The first thing any artist should note is that they should not be considering re-inventing the wheel here. A good press release should follow a particular format. Editors, music professionals, and journalists receive hundreds each week. Specific formats have been put together to allow the reader to review the information quickly. A professional industry standard EPK Press kit will prevent yours from ending up in the reject pile.

Additionally, your aim should be to keep the information in your EPK Press kit as simple as possible. Start off with an introduction paragraph, similar to a bio but more to introduce your body of work. Use dates of release and titles, followed by short descriptions of the project. Keep it neat. After you have listed the essentials, include your direct contact details such as telephone and email. Especially relevant, if you are represented by a manager or PR person – use their details and mention the representation.

Lastly, if you are unsure or not confident in putting together a proper music press release, reach out to a professional. View Maniac provides EPK press kit services to give musicians the best tools to represent themselves using industry standards.