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Music Publicity: Expanding Your Music Career

Music Publicity: Getting Started

As musicians look for different ways to grow heir career, it is especially relevant to focus on music publicity. This is generally an act designed to attract public interest. Specifically, information that can be relatable to newsworthy gaining public attention or support. Furthermore, the focus is primarily on growing a brand or promoting something specific. With that said, a music publicist can be hired as a member of your team to represent you to the media. Most noteworthy, the media can be defined traditionally as editors, writers, or reporters for different media outlets. However, in 2019, outlets can be recognized as blogs, magazines, radio, television, or other platforms. Social media and viral sensationalism can play a role as well.


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Music Publicity: The Basics

Before you venture on the path of music publicity and go out and get a music publicist – you should have your ducks in a row. Be sure that your social media is ready to go. This means branding and developed accounts. Additionally, having a new release prepared upon the new emerging publicity coming your way is a must. Do not seek publicity if you do not have something to promote. You may not get many chances to get your name and sound out there, so proceed with caution.

Moving forward with a PR campaign, there should be some things worth noting. Your results are mostly in the effort given rather than the outcome. For example, if you pay a music publicist for a service – you are paying for their work and chances are there are no guarantee. Additionally, a PR campaign should be planned well in advance of whatever is being promoted. Connections and networking with editors, bloggers, and tastemakers should be made well ahead of time of your release so you can put out what you want to accordingly.

Having your EPK Press kit handy is another necessity. Keep every form of promotion that represents your brand handy for ease of access. Keep in mind that music publicity is a marathon and not a sprint. Coordinate with your music publicist to strategize the expansion of your career.