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Music Release Campaign: Mapping Out Success

Music Release Campaign: Getting Started

For many musicians, creating is the easy part. However, your creativity should not end within your process of making a song. Coming up with a strong music release campaign should be looked at as a necessity for any promising act. Furthermore, understanding what your audience wants and how to deliver it is a must. Throughout this article we will explore a few ways to build out a strategy to maximize exposure. Additionally, there will be tips added to make music marketing a bit easier. It wouldn’t make any sense to put in all the hard work in the studio just to watch the music flop.  Let’s get started planning that music release campaign.


music release campaign

Music Release Campaign: The Basics

Creating your battle plan for your music is a great way to figure out the right avenues to promote your songs. Additionally, you should have a basic idea of the timeline for your release. Once you have established a release date and the theme of the album or song – it’s time to start promoting. Music marketing is most successful if you strike while the iron is hot. Don’t just spam links to your music via social media. This may get you a couple of listeners at most but most likely annoy plenty of others. Even the most loyal of fans could get annoyed by a lazy effort to promote new songs. 

Once you have established the release date and theme it is time to move forward with the unique branding for your music release campaign. Artwork and video design should have a cohesive theme and feel. If DIY is not your specialty in this department, that’s ok. Look for a professional. View Maniac offers many music marketing services that can further your strategy. 

After you have developed the proper promotional materials, you must plan your newsletter and social media support. Utilizing these tools will maximize initial interest for your release. This is how you can keep in touch with fans and get them excited about what is to come. Set a calendar for release strategies and execute. Most noteworthy, if you stick to a plan, you will see momentum. Keep an open mind and adjust accordingly. Manage the proper statistics and analytics to monitor engagement and continue to build.