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Music Video Planning: Things to Consider Before You Begin

Music Video Planning: Getting Started

As you begin moving forward in the creative process to put out some visual representation for your music it is important that you have a strategy. Music video planning is a necessity, no matter the expected scale of audience. However, take your time and choose the proper aesthetic and avenue that suits your needs best. These many nuanced steps often require commitment and attention to detail but are sure to pay off. Assure that you can get the best return on your investment as possible so your efforts are not for nothing.


music video planning

Music Video Planning: The Basics

As you begin your music video planning you should be asking yourself a few different questions. To start off, are you choosing the right song to do a video for? We all know visual representation and branding is especially relevant to an artist’s success. However, being sure that you put out the right song at the right time is equally important. Be sure that the song you select represents you and gives off a great first impression – even if it isn’t your first release. It may be the first experience a new fan has with you. Test your song with different listeners and environments and make sure you pick a winner.

After you have established the right song comes your music video design. You want your aesthetic to be on point in terms of quality and creativity. A music video is a huge part of your marketing campaign nowadays because video is so accessible on many platforms. A video can establish and represent an artist’s brand and message as soon as it is released. Choose your color palette, scenery, effects, and outfits wisely.

Now that you have figured out the look and sound of your video – it is time to plan where you will film it. Scout some different locations that fit the bill. Figuratively and literally. It is important to remember that in most places you may film, you might require permission. As you move forward with music video planning, consider this while going over your budget.

Lastly, your video does not necessarily have to be a physically shot video. If you want to skip the location scouting and permit budgeting – maybe a lyric video or another kind of video design could suit your needs. Ultimately, the key to a successful video is to be creative, have fun, and put out a quality visual representation for yourself.