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Music Video Promotion Tips

Music Video Promotion: Getting Started

When it comes to becoming a successful artist in today’s music industry landscape, YouTube and social media plays an important role. However, creating great music videos and songs are not all it takes to maximize its full potential. Why should a musician produce amazing music videos if nobody will watch it? Without people watching and sharing, your video is basically worthless. Therefore, utilizing YouTube marketing and other promotion and advertisement tactics should be a priority. Let’s outline what musicians can do to boost music video promotion.


Music Video Promotion

Music Video Promotion: Marketing Tactics

Great music videos are meant to be shared. The best way to do this is to host your video online on one of the major networks. Choose between the popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo. Platforms like Twitter and Instagram are awesome as well, but they serve their own purpose and are better for quick promotional use. YouTube is by far the largest of these options and when done right, YouTube marketing can yield excellent results. Let’s look at how to target and advertise to an audience waiting to watch your video.

Persuading potential new fans to click your video is as simple as optimizing your video content. People don’t have much patience these days, especially when searching online. Most noteworthy advice would be to spend time writing proper headlines and descriptions. Get to the point but be keyword rich. Tactics like this also bode well for search engines. Because you have spent the time using relevant terms and writing a description your video has a better chance to be picked up in searches. In addition to showing up in more searches your video will receive more views, likes, comments, and shares. This is a huge part of YouTube marketing.

Aside from making your video Search Engine Optimized, sharing your video within niche communities will help spread it. Music video promotion can be tricky if done in a spammy manner. However, finding groups that are susceptible to this behavior is necessary. Communities that are relevant to your genre or up and coming musicians will participate in conversation. Become active within these groups and get your music out there.