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Optimized Videos: The Power of the Search Engine

Optimized Videos: Getting Started

As every musician should know, YouTube has amassed an incredible viewership. Furthermore, over this past year, the platform has hit two billion monthly users. This is roughly 25% of the world’s population. Additionally, YouTube is well known for its vast amount of content available. So, how can an artist hope to get their videos in front of new fans through the search engine? Optimized videos are the solution you are looking for. If you are unaware what it means to optimize your videos – it is a method used that focuses on wording things properly to manipulate its ranking power using keywords. YouTube marketing efforts will generally be rewarded through proper optimization.


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Optimized Videos: The Basics

As you begin your path to optimized videos, you must know where you are going. This will help you organize your thoughts and ideas and get them executed properly. Ultimately, the first place you want to begin with is keyword research. This is extremely important and will be the driving force to what brings you the most traffic. Spend some time researching artists similar to yourself, especially ones with a lot of views and figure out what their videos have in common with each other. It could be the channel they are on, maybe there are a lot of subscribers. However, chances are, it might be in the description. Additionally, if you would like to find keywords that may work for you – use the search bar! As you begin to type, YouTube will suggest keywords to go with what you are already writing. Take notice and add these to your list. They will be especially relevant when you launch your video.

Moving forward with your optimized videos and list of keywords, it’s time to upload. Make sure your videos description is descriptive. Have it look neat and professional and be sure to add your main search keyword into the title. As you type your description for your video, this is where you want it to be keyword rich. Include descriptions that will help the search engines understand the context of your video. Utilize your keyword within the first 25 words. Be sure the description is at least 250 words and you include your keyword 2-4 times. Attach your other relevant keywords at the bottom of the description.  Additionally, consider adding tags to your videos as well.

A professional looking video, paired with YouTube marketing tactics and optimization is a great way to attract new fans. Furthermore, with new fans comes traffic and that should be the goal of uploading new videos. Use the traffic to drive interest to your music, brand, or website, and grow from there.