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Pandora and SoundCloud Partner Up

Pandora and SoundCloud Partner for US Ad Sales

In the ever-changing landscape of music streaming, one company is always trying to get a leg up on the other. Pandora and SoundCloud have announced a partnership that makes Pandora the exclusive U.S. advertising and sales representative for SoundCloud. The partnership will officially start next year. The two streaming platforms reach an ad audience of more than 100 million. This is the largest digital audio advertising marketplace in the U.S. A great reason why SoundCloud promotion can be very effective. Most noteworthy, there is reportedly only a 13% overlap in audiences between the two networks.

This new agreement will enable advertisers and brands to purchase SoundCloud’s U.S. ad inventory directly through Pandora. Using the audio programmatic product, advertisers can leverage direct sales capabilities by targeting data. This is huge for Pandora and SoundCloud and should benefit both userbases as well. Maximizing your SoundCloud promotion to those 100 million listeners is quite effective.

Additionally, digital audio advertising grew 40% in 2017 to $1.6B according to IAB. Companies see this opportunity as an important medium to reach consumers. The new agreement between Pandora and SoundCloud is in additional to SoundCloud’s existing relationship with AdsWizz. Worth noting, this plan is part of Pandora’s broader strategy to help other publishers monetize digital audio.


Additional SoundCloud News

Some more great news for users of SoundCloud is that they have recently released an update to their “Tracks” tab. Users can finally organize songs by release date. Very helpful for SoundCloud promotion and makes navigation significantly easier. Additionally, any audio that was manually uploaded will now be organized by the date it was made public via the “Tracks” tab. This same organization is applied to the “All” and “Streams” tab as well.

As for the tracks that were delivered through a distributor or a label… each tab will now be organized by time of release. However, although this is a fairly simple improvement to the navigation – it will make the user experience easier and more efficient for the SoundCloud user-base.