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Paul Bartolome – An Exciting New Sound

Paul Bartolome – An Exciting New Sound

Every now and then an artist comes along that grabs your attention with a fresh and polished sound. There are musicians that take creativity a bit too far at times. However, there are the rare few who can blend genres effortlessly and deliver a hell of a record. This is where we introduce you to Paul Bartolome. As an artist, Paul Bartolome has never let his music be defined by a genre – and it shows. As a fan of multiple genres and a wide variety of music, you can hear how Paul incorporates bits and pieces into his own. Without boxing himself into a specific sound he is able to bring something unique and exciting to his songs.


Paul Bartolome has recently released his new single “A Long Way from Home”. The song is featuring Craig Mabitt, the lead vocalist of Escape the Fate and combines strong rock instrumentals and vocals. The sound is a bit post-hardcore but features melodic breakdowns that add a pop feel into the song. As a result, this uniquely energetic and powerful song provides an awesome listening experience. Additionally, the content of the lyrics are quite intriguing as well. “A Long Way From Home” is a story of a young man that goes off to chase his dreams and move away from his family. However, he soon realizes that this was the wrong decision. Upon his return, he is now forgotten. Most noteworthy, the song features audio clips of hundreds of Paul’s fans singing his lyrics in unison. Very cool moment in this song.

Paul Bartolome is certainly an artist we recommend checking for. His debut album “Gravity” is expected to be released August 21st, 2018.

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