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Picking Beats: Chris Brown Type Beat

Picking Beats: Getting Started

Whether you are a rapper, singer, or band – finding the right backing track for your next hit single is imperative to your success. Furthermore, owning the exclusive rights to the right instrumental can pay dividends in the future. This is why picking beats is a difficult task. Your track has to appeal to the masses and also give you enough support to create a hit. This is why if you are a vocalist you may look for many different styles of instrumental. Perhaps an R&B or pop track may suit you well, but today we will look at a dancehall riddim. This is often perceived to be well-suited for Afropop as well. Let’s break down a Chris Brown Type Beat and what kind of track you can make on it.

Picking Beats: The Basics

Today we are looking at “LUV”, a Free Chris Brown Type Beat that is heavily riddim/Afropop influenced. Most noteworthy, this beat is carried by a sweeping pad that pans side to side but allows the vocalist plenty of space to deliver a strong melody. The bassline is fueled by short, rhythmic tones that ride the kick drum. This is common in dancehall and dance-based genres. Additionally, there are vocal chops along the track that create an ambience. Furthermore, the vocals give a chanting, party vibe, as they sway from ear to ear.

As the Chris Brown Type Beat 2020 picks up momentum there is a pluck-based melody to suggest a pre-chorus vibe. Furthermore, the Free Chris Brown Type Instrumental moves into the chorus where a simple synth-lead gives a suggestive but full sound for a hook.

This is why picking beats is a task that should be taken seriously. A track like this Chris Brown Type Beat could also be used as a backing track on commercials, radio intros, or promotional trailers. If this track interests you, be sure to check out View Maniac and our catalog of tracks provided by music industry professionals. займ на карту срочно без отказа