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Promote Your Music with a Prerelease Countdown

What Is a Prerelease Countdown?

Musicians that are looking for unique ways to promote material tend to try different methods to garner interest. A prerelease countdown might be just what an artist needs depending on their branding and following. So, what exactly are we talking about? It would be easy to jump to a conclusion based on the name but let’s look at how a prerelease countdown functions and its actual use.

As you prepare to release your new single it is imperative to build anticipation in the best way possible. Through this promotion strategy you are able to flood your audience with content for the release of your new single, album, or EP. Because of this strategy, you want to be as branded and professional as possible so each bit of content you put out matches the release. Content like quality eye catching designs that countdown the days or countdown videos or trailers are recommended. Ideally, getting as much relevant visuals in front of your targeted audience that clarifies what they should be anticipating is best. Lastly, your prerelease countdown should start between five to seven days before the release of your new project.


prerelease countdown

How Do I Do My Own Prerelease Countdown?

Although we have provided you with the basic information, it doesn’t always mean it translates into practice. However, with that said, if you are a graphic artist or video designer – you should be able to put the content together yourself. If you aren’t, maybe now is a good time to start learning. If time is against you or you’ve spent your creativity on your music, hire a professional. Here at ViewManiac, we offer a prerelease countdown service, among others. Allow us to do the heavy lifting, targeting, content creating, branding, and posting for you. It can be that easy. All you will have to think about is the music.