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Promoting Music on Social Media Basics

Promoting Music on Social Media: Getting Started

When promoting music on social media engagement and content are king. Social media content management is the proper way to grow a fan-base on any platform. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, it is especially relevant to avoid alienating your audience. Furthermore, taking the right approach to marketing yourself can make or break you. However, using social networks as a hub for accessibility, information, and new releases is fantastic for growth. The main issue lies in communicating your vision to new fans and getting them on board. Let’s go over some basic tips for promoting yourself, no matter the platform.


Promoting Music on Social Media: The Basics

Let’s be honest, being a musician or self-promotion isn’t a rare commodity these days. Most noteworthy, it seems that everybody has something they are promoting one way or the other. Distancing yourself from the spammy and cookie cutter approach is ideal. Promoting music on social media can be tricky, but if done properly will yield amazing results. Ultimately, focusing on engagement and interaction will not only boost your relevance on each platform’s timeline – it will start a conversation. Utilizing interaction properly will get people talking and entice new fans to join.

Furthermore, social media content management is a priority. Posting timely and in moderation will increase engagement and also prevent annoying your audience. Nobody enjoys scrolls over and over through their timeline with the same person’s posts promoting themselves. It can be seen as tacky, entitled, and obnoxious. Figure out a posting schedule, stick to it, and make each post count.

Lastly, stay consistent and relevant. Keeping a continuous theme when promoting yourself will key in on targeting fans. Stay genuine and true to your brand. Maintain a professional image with properly written captions. Don’t post nonsense just to post. Provide quality over quantity.  Promotion doesn’t have to be difficult or scary as long as you take the right approach.