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Publicist Services: Advancing Your Music Career

Publicist Services: Getting Started

Let’s be honest, the music industry is saturated with musicians trying to get heard. Not only is it difficult to get heard but standing out from the crowd and creating your own presence may seem near impossible. It can not be emphasized how rare it is that an individual just explodes onto the scene by chance. It takes a very special artist and song to do so and then parlay that initial success into a career. However, it can be done. On the flip side, most cases are a team effort. Musicians breaking onto the scene generally have a team behind them that can push and promote their efforts in front of an audience. Whether it’s through performing, street team, internet savvy, co-signs from other artists; it is the most common way for an artist to breakthrough. Publicist services can offer similar benefits. Let’s dive into why a music publicist might be right for you.


Publicist Services: The Basics

So, what exactly does a music publicist do? Essentially, publicists run the press and media side of the music business for an artist. These people generally have good contacts and relationships with press outlets and platforms alike. Furthermore, PR professionals make their living pitching bands to the media in hopes to get a musician published. They are generally experts in marketing and can help your brand develop a voice and image. Additionally, manufacturing stories for you and your music. A good music publicist can guide you on your image and point you to successful practices for your online presence.

You may be in need of publicist services if you are release a single or an album. Perhaps you have a music video on the way and want to generate interest and excitement. Maybe you are going on a small tour and want to generate a buzz. This is why you may need a music publicist.

The reality is you want to gain publicist. Perhaps some press coverage and whatever else you can to expand your name. You should understand that a music publicist is not a magician. They will work with what they are given. Understand they are professionals who should be honest with you and their success is based on your success. Keep an open line of communication and a good relationship and you should be happy with your results.