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Radio Quality Recordings: Mixing and Mastering Tips

Radio Quality Recordings: Getting Started

For most musicians, spending quality time making the best song drives focus on the creative process. Efforts can range from instrumentation, to writing, sequencing, and percussion. However, often times, the overall mix is forgotten when it comes time to put the song out. Furthermore, radio quality recordings require a specific level of quality within its mixing and mastering. Radio stations, DJs, and curators are not likely to share a song that is subpar in the overall sonic landscape. It is important and especially relevant to spend a fair amount of time ensuring that your audio sounds right across the spectrum and that the right frequencies are doing the right things.


radio quality recordings

Radio Quality Recordings: The Basics of Mixing and Mastering

The first step for radio quality recordings is mixing and mastering. There can not be enough emphasis put on a well-mixed record. Recording, mixing, and mastering should be a three-step process. In studios, the recording process is generally referred to as tracking. The next step, perhaps the most crucial is mixing. Often times studios or musicians will have a dedicated mixing engineer. This ensures cohesive quality across all songs on a project. In most cases, songs are mixed to a low level so during the mastering process, the mastering engineer can utilize the maximum headroom in a track. This is how mastering engineers get the music as loud as possible.

For musicians that want radio quality recordings but don’t have the technical skills, perhaps mixing and mastering services would be of interest. Hiring a qualified audio engineer to get the most out of your recordings is common practice these days with digital music distribution. Often times, online audio engineers can offer better prices than local studios. The reason for this is because online audio engineers have the freedom to work with their own equipment and on their own schedule. If you are looking for mixing and mastering check out View Maniac.