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Riz La Vie’s new EP is titled Breathe., and that’s exactly what it makes you do. The same night as the five song EP release, Riz brought his heartfelt lyrics and spirited howl to Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn. The independent artist lead the werewolves of New York City in a sing-along to his old(er) and new songs.

“To breathe is to press play on life”, says Riz on his Instagram. “It gives you the opportunity to observe where you are in this movie, what the movie in front of you looks like, what you like about it, and what you might want edited or changed”.

From beginning to end, the artist never lost his power over the audience. Riz would quickly stick his tongue out between verses, showing fans his Slytherin-like, cunning and ambitious sense of humor. While performing his more upbeat songs, such as “Cinch”, Riz would jump off stage and get even more intimate with everyone in attendance.

Photo: Olivia Ji

“I’ve never been to a show where an artist came into the crowd that much,” said Malik Chatman, a fan from the audience. “It was awesome.”

The New York City-based artist naturally wore his own merch on stage getting fans excited about purchasing them after. On top of selling his own merch, Riz had a pair of white Air-Force 1’s that he had been marking up during the process of making Breathe., that he let everyone sign once the show was over. “ThankyouRiz” was not only written largely on the bottom of his shoes, but also shouted by many members of the audience throughout the whole show and especially after his “Napkins” performance. It was obvious that his soothing croon filled the souls of his loyal, energetic fans who had shown up for this very special performance.

Photo: Olivia Ji

As of right now, Riz has no upcoming shows for 2019, but you can be the first to find out on