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Side Jobs for Musicians

Side Jobs for Musicians: Making Money with Your Talent

For every musician, making money off music is the dream, right? Unfortunately, that isn’t always a possibility. Earning a sustainable living from music alone is hardly an easy task. However, don’t fret – it can be done. If you’re willing to put some energy into a few different sources of income, it can be a reality for you. Most noteworthy, it’s an unavoidable fact that making a living purely off of music is getting harder by the day. There are certainly exceptions but side jobs for musicians are a bit of a necessity and will help you express yourself. Let’s look at a few examples in detail.


Side Jobs for Musicians: The Work

Starting off, let’s have a look at what it takes to be a music therapist. It is a fantastic option for musicians interested in doing a tangible good with their talent. From pain management to special education to helping people deal and heal with trauma – music is proven to deliver massive benefits to those in need. Worth noting, this is not a job that just any musician can apply for. Acquiring a position like this may require training, exams, and certifications. In addition, following up on similar side jobs for musicians, a music teacher is also in this realm. Private lessons or structured music teaching positions can be reliable and key ways for an artist to make money. Because the work is dictated by the client’s needs, this can become difficult work and perhaps even annoying. Although, for somebody with the time and right attitude it can be very beneficial.

Other side jobs for musicians can be found as a music critic and blogger. Having the knowledge and experience in music gives you credentials needed to critique and write about music. Many press outlets and blogs are often in need a music professional that can write. Another potential side job could be a music curator. Designing playlists that are engaging and fresh can take talent. Finding the avenue is necessary but they’re out there.

Lastly, this may be a given but cover bands and DJ’s are always in demand. Be creative throughout your search for side jobs for musicians and you will find success.