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Single Release Tips: Putting Out New Music

Single Release Tips: Getting Started

For many musicians, marketing and promoting their own work can be a daunting task. However, it doesn’t have to be. Utilizing a few single release tips for each new track you drop can save you some trouble. Furthermore, even if marketing is your least favorite part of the creative process – you can still be successful by thinking outside of the box. Doing things your way and networking with people who you want can all be apart of the process, no need to compromise on your desires. Most noteworthy, although there is much noise and saturation in today’s world – a few practices still remain valuable. So, whether you’re just releasing a new single or want to drive attention to each song on an album – here are some single release tips for you.


Single Release Tips: The Basics

Starting off, music video submission is a great way to put your song in front of a new audience. Utilizing services such as this can get you on major platforms like MTV, BET, FUSE, and REVOLT, to name a few. Assuming you have already done the work with the branding, artwork, and music video production – you should be focused on results. Utilizing effective digital channels such as Instagram and YouTube will really pay off as well.

Once you have your music video prepared for distribution through different outlets, it’s time to begin promoting. A week before your new single launches, post teasers throughout your social media. This will drive interest within your fanbase and keep your fans interested. As the days approach the new release, post unique and relevant content leading up to the date. Anticipation will get you the clicks and views that you desire.

Furthermore, on our list of single release tips – it is common these days to work with influencers. Find and connect with relevant influencers to share your new content. This is a great way to connect with larger audiences and spread the word about you and your new song and video.

Lastly, inline with music video submission it is especially relevant to get your music on all streaming platforms. Digital distribution is how most consumers listen to music in 2019 and your audience will be no different. Check out View Maniac for all your digital distribution and creative marketing strategy needs.