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Social Media Marketing: Do’s and Don’ts

Social Media Marketing: Think Before You Publish

There are a few tips to keep in mind with social media marketing to maximize your posts potential. As a result, taking advantage of proper social media content management will get your published content in front of the right audience and keep them engaged. It’s not secret that social media can be stressful. With so much content out there and so many platforms to choose from, promoting your music can feel overwhelming at times. Fostering an engaging relationship with an audience can be an arduous task but it must be done. Putting thought into the content and the times in which your followers are most active will encourage engagement.


Social Media Marketing: Find Your Platform

Selecting the right platform for your social media content management is a necessity. Generally speaking, your fans and their social media usage should dictate which platform you’re promoting the most. Younger crowds that are more visual tend to be most receptive on Instagram. An older audience with more patience will get better results on Facebook. Social media marketing doesn’t have to be difficult if you know what you’re doing. However, it is wise to find a way to tap into a few platforms to maximize exposure.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing: Frequency

Let’s be honest, we’re not Kanye West. Unless you’re a bonafide superstar, chances are that you have to actively promote your new music. Staying relevant in the eyes of your audience is a must. Very few artists can go months without posting and still receive extreme response. The moral of the story here? Post often but don’t overdo it. Be sure your social media content management is relevant and balanced. Don’t force yourself into a mold – your fans already like you for who you are. Keep your content fresh and fun. Detail oriented if possible but craft your posts to a reasonable length. Users will tend to scroll past super long reads. Social media marketing can be very effective if you keep these tips in mind.