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Social Media Standards: Best Practices for Musicians

Social Media Standards: Getting Started

Musicians and businesses alike should find themselves savvy enough to operate social media profiles in 2020. Whether it is creating content, updating profiles, posting, or engaging with new or old followers – this is a necessity. Furthermore, on top of all of that creating it is especially relevant to know and understand social media standards. This goes beyond basic online etiquette and is more about understanding how to set your social profiles up for success. Poorly written content and blurry images are signs of an amateur and may discourage potential fans from connecting with you. In a highly competitive landscape musicians should be doing whatever they can to give themselves an edge. Ensuring that the social media branding on any profile is industry standard is the best start.

social media standards 2020

Social Media Standards: The Basics

It should go without saying that your content should be unique, refreshing, and a creatively relevant to you. Avoid posting irrelevant memes or low-quality videos unless it is absolutely necessary. If there is a video that must be shared on social media that doesn’t quite look the part – perhaps repurposing the content in a fresh way can do the trick.

All of your banners, profile images, and posts should share your unique branding touch. Furthermore, being aware of the dimensions and limitations for each post can maximize exposure. Let’s look at some social media standards for Instagram.

Because there are no cover photos on Instagram all you have to worry about are video and image dimensions. While there is an opportunity on Instagram to use rectangles, most users prefer viewing square images. Basic posts should be at 1080×1080 pixels. However, if you insist on rectangles, horizontal dimensions are: 1080 x 566 pixels and vertical dimensions are: 1080 x 1350 pixels.

Other networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube allow users to add cover photos. Here is a list of dimensions needed for all necessary social media branding.

Facebook profile images can be 340×340 and a minimum of 180×180 pixels. The cover photo is expected to be 1200×675. However, the Desktop view size is 1200×457 pixels. If you are posting for a group, the header image should be 1640×859 pixels for optimal viewing. Image posts are expected to be 1200×1200 pixels or 1200×628 pixels for news feed.

Twitter profile images expect 400×400 pixels. The cover photos should be 1500×500 for the best resolution. Post design specifications are simple, the tweeted image will show a 16:9 ratio, the best image size for this is 1200×628 pixels.

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