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Soundcloud Premier: Grow your Career and Audience

Soundcloud Premier: Getting Started

Many musicians are learning that in the digital age it is all about getting your music in front of listeners. While that may have always been true in theory – it is more prevalent now than ever. With new platforms popping up every few months, it can be an obstacle trying to master them all. Furthermore, finding success and standing out from the crowd amidst the influx of independent musicians is even more challenging. However, some platforms have stood the test of time and helped launch some successful acts. SoundCloud is certainly one of them. Recently, the streaming platform has launched a tool for musicians called Soundcloud Premier. This is Soundcloud’s way of giving their userbase the tools they need to succeed on the platform. Especially with their latest installment, Promote, with the pure focus of Soundcloud Promotion.


Soundcloud Premier: The Basics

On Tuesday, November 12th, the streaming platform launched Promote, a tool that allows Soundcloud Premier creators the opportunity to place their songs on top of feeds and pages. Using this tool, musicians are able to set a budget, similar to ads on other platforms, and choose from a number of targeting metrics. This allows for boosting plays and reaching new listeners. Additionally, you are able to build real-time, interactive connections with fans.

With the focus on enhancing the priority on the artist, Soundcloud Premier has a whole suite of tools. These Soundcloud promotion tools include fast, direct payouts and additional free distribution to every major music service. Revenue sharing is apart of this toolset, as well as efforts to curate and champion emerging talents.

Soundcloud has made additional moves within the distribution scene as well. After acquiring the rights to management and distribution company Repost Network, this is meant to complement the Premier service. Rrepost’s tools and services include distribution, analytics, and content protection. It’s nice to see a platform looking out for their artists and userbase.