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SoundCloud Promo Tips for Your Music in 2019

SoundCloud Promo Tips for Your Music Career in 2019

As it stands, SoundCloud sees the most new music uploads this coming January. As the new year begins many artists will refocus on growing and building their careers. Throughout this article we will share different SoundCloud promo tips and tricks to get you started. Breaking through the noise is the key to maximize your exposure.

Especially relevant, getting inspired and motivated will get you back in your groove. Maintain momentum by setting an upload schedule. Each digital music distribution platform has its own unique algorithms. Most noteworthy, the more you upload and share, the more exposure you will receive. Be sure all of your profiles are linked properly so that you’re accessible and discoverable as a brand. Additionally, if possible, try to maintain a unique and uniform username across each platform.

In addition to the previous points, focus MUST be on consistency. Maintaining consistency throughout your sound, branding, and schedule will set a standard that your audience will come to expect. Most noteworthy, after you have established this consistency you won’t want to lose what you’ve built. A fun bitch of knowledge for SoundCloud promotion is that Friday is typically the best day to upload. Many listeners are looking for new music for the weekend.


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SoundCloud Promo Tips: You and Your Network

Important development for successful SoundCloud promo includes marketing yourself in authentic ways. Social channels play an important role in making sure you’re not only connecting with your followers but also finding new fans. Engage with your audience by sharing previews, teasers, and creative content. Maximizing engagement will build a strong connection between you and your audience.

Additionally, build a network to feed your creative process. Feedback is an important part of this process. Forming a reliable community of feedback and utilizing SoundCloud promotion tools such as commenting, messaging, and private track sharing will benefit you greatly. Establish a support network of like-minded peers. Especially relevant, this comes full circle with inspiration and motivation.

Knowing your audience, your brand, and your support system are key elements for success. Growing your career via Soundcloud promo is very possible if you do it right.