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SoundCloud Promotion: More Followers

SoundCloud Promotion: Where to Start

Before SoundCloud became extremely saturated, the majority of your followers would check out your new music and comment. Perhaps even repost your song if they liked it that much. This was great exposure for artists looking to spread their music to the masses with SoundCloud promotion. However, today that isn’t necessarily the case. SoundCloud now has over 10 million music creators on their platform. Unfortunately, it is easy to get caught in the mix of everybody else unless you’re a major artist or have a unique strategy to get noticed. Record labels are signing a bunch of artists off of SoundCloud right now because a lot of popular rappers are getting recognition there first. So, let’s look at where to start your journey into SoundCloud promotion.


Soundcloud Promotion

SoundCloud Promotion: Channels and Chains

While this method has been talked about on our blog before, let’s discuss SoundCloud promotion channels a bit further. SoundCloud channels that focus on promoting have only one concern. Finding and promoting the best new artists and songs available. They want to be the channel to ‘break’ an artist to encourage other artists to submit demos. As a result, networking with influencer channels can be a great strategy to gain more exposure. Be friendly and support their channel as a fan. They will be more receptive to you since you are apart of their own movement.

Repost chains can take on a negative light. However, because of this, chains are often overlooked as a useful tool to promote music. Yet, repost chains are effective and relatively cost free. Networking with like minded musicians and artists willing to exchange reposts on each other’s SoundCloud account will get you in front of their followers. It is important not to overdo it though. Too many reposts may look like you are spamming your follower’s feeds and can result in an unfollow.


Soundcloud Promotion

SoundCloud Promotion: Everything Else

Optimizing your SoundCloud account by taking advantage of tags is something any musician should be doing. People are always searching for new music and the latest sound and trend. Pay attention to what is hot and apply it to yourself.

Keep an eye out for SoundCloud users that tend to leave lengthy and well thought out comments on others’ songs. These are users you should want to network with. Comment on their music and get their attention.

Ultimately, take the time to research what others are doing but be creative in an approach. If a song is getting a lot of plays and they aren’t necessarily a major artist – there has to be a reason why. SoundCloud promotion can be tricky but it can still be effective and lead to success.