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Soundcloud Uploading: Adding Songs from Your Profile

Soundcloud Uploading: Getting Started

Whether you are still in the process of recording music or have just had a song mixed and mastered – you should be considering how to get your songs out to the world. With a multitude of different options for digital distribution, choosing the right platform can be confusing. However, in many cases you should get your tracks anywhere there are listeners. Soundcloud is a social platform for musicians to upload new music and share it with fans and listeners all over the world. Furthermore, the platform is more like a social network than a distributor but can still serve the purpose of releasing music. In fact, Soundcloud promotion has become a popular way for many emerging talents to build their fanbase. With that said, Soundcloud uploading has just got a bit easier. The network recently updated some features on their website and now allow mobile devices to add new tracks.

soundcloud uploading

Soundcloud Uploading: The Basics

Any time you are focused on a Soundcloud promotion campaign you should have an idea who your targeted audience is. Don’t just upload and hope for the best – go in with a plan. Especially relevant, if you are aware of your genre or sub-genre you can start there. Look among the charts for these genres and pay attention to the tags that other musicians are using. Spend some time figuring out which tags are the most popular and pulling the most engagement and innovate from there. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel here, don’t fix what isn’t broken.

As you are focusing on Soundcloud uploading you need to be sure that all of your metadata is correct. Adding all of the necessary information and artwork to your song will be especially beneficial. A strong description can help new fans find your music as well as show on search results on engines such as Google. Additionally, the right artwork can be eye-catching and perhaps entice a user to click out of interest. Now that Soundcloud has optimized their website for a mobile workflow you can get your music out there quicker. Your workflow should be easier as you will have full control over your profile from your phone.

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