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Spotify Marketing Tips: Pitching Your Music

Spotify Marketing Tips: Getting Started

It’s very easy to say that Spotify is, well, kind of a big deal. There are over 100 million passion music fans around the world and these Spotify marketing tips can help you reach them. If you’re new to Spotify promotion you should join Spotify for artists. This can be done easily by clicking ‘Claim Your Profile’ on the Spotify for Artists page. Furthermore, this is a great way to promote, share, brand, and look into your individual statistics and analytics. This is especially helpful as you begin pitching your music to curators for Spotify playlist placements.


Spotify Marketing Tips: The Basics

The objective you should have in mind during Spotify promotion is that you want to turn listeners into followers. Most noteworthy, building followers on Spotify gives you a simple way to connect with loyal fans. A good way to think of your audience is to compare them to subscribers to your mailing list. However, this is specific to Spotify. As you release new music – followers will see your latest releases.

If you have a new release coming out soon, use Spotify for Artists to submit your song directly to Spotify. This will put you in line with Spotify’s own playlist curators. After your song has been submitted, the song is included in a tool that the editorial team filters through and chooses for their playlists. Especially relevant, your song will be added to your followers “Release Radar” playlist.

Other Spotify marketing tips can include sharing your music on social media. Spotify allows you to send out links to your music. Whether it is a direct link to an individual song, or maybe even a whole album – it is easy with the tools they provide. Furthermore, a Spotify player can be embedded on websites and even chats like Discord. Spotify promotion can be just another way to share your music as long as you are familiar with standard music marketing basics.

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