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Spotify Promotion: The Basics

Spotify Promotion: Getting Started

If you’re a musician and you aren’t streaming your music on Spotify, you should re-think that this moment. However, if you are a musician and you are streaming your music on Spotify, but you just aren’t getting the streams or interest you desire… Spotify promotion is for you.

To keep it simple, let’s just look at Spotify for what it actually is. Spotify is a digital music streaming platform that allows musicians to distribute their music throughout their network of over 70 million PAYING users. With over 70 million paying customers who actively use their service leaves a lot of streams and royalties available for independent musicians.


Spotify Promotion

Spotify Promotion: Brand Building and Campaigns

So, how can a musician take advantage of this virtually unlimited source of streams and royalties? Your answer would lie in building your brand and creating a campaign. Getting music in front of new users is no different than showing off a new video or SoundCloud track. Spotify offers embeddable players that you can use to show off your music. Whether it is on a blog or linking via your social media – these streams matter and count toward your royalties.

Now, once you have a presence for your new music on Spotify perhaps it is time to start working with influencers. If you are unsure what influencers can do for your music, let me explain. As social media becomes a news feed for most people these days therefore individuals can be seen as their own channel. Individuals on social media have their own loyal followers who look forward to the content that they post. Finding and connecting with these influencers can be all apart of building your brand and campaign.


Spotify Promotion

Spotify Promotion: Marketing Help

Let’s be honest, it isn’t always easy to connect with influencers and sometimes that can be discouraging. However, working with a marketing company like ViewManiac that has a dedicated process to Spotify Promotion may be your answer. ViewManiac makes the process as simple as releasing your single and waiting for the streams to come in. As the streams come in, you earn money. If you would like to know more, check out ViewManiac’s Spotify Promotion service.