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Triller Basics for Musicians: New Social Platform

Triller Basics: Getting Started

Ever since Vine collapsed in late 2016, musicians have been looking for a platform to fill its void. Vine was a popular tool for musicians and helped kickstart the careers of quite a few famous rappers. Furthermore, given the meme and viral ability for an app like Vine, many artists took advantage of getting their music out there via the platform. However, music marketing is still missing that key tool that Vine once was. Snapchat and Instagram have created features that cater to that crowd and resources, but they just haven’t had the same effect. Additionally, for artists looking to maximize exposure via music discovery, Triller might just be the app to watch. Triller basics is that the app allows for 15-second videos. Most noteworthy, rappers such as Chance the Rapper and Lil Uzi Vert have used their platform to promote their own songs and shine spotlight on emerging artists.


Triller Basics: Using the Platform

So, what is Triller and how does it compare relatively for music marketing? A bit of a history lesson would show that Triller was originally introduced in 2015 as a video-making program. However, its big selling point is that it has an artificial intelligence powered editing feature. This tool allows users to film multiple takes of themselves and the app will automatically string together the best parts. In theory allowing you to create your own music video. Similar to other apps, creators can upload audio or choose songs on Spotify for their videos. The app has grown over the past two years and the social network capabilities encourage promotion.

Triller basics such as using it as a tool for fan engagement is the perfect reason to use the platform. While there haven’t necessarily been too many success stories from the app yet – it’s time to exploit the ever-growing platform to see what it is really made of. Just like any other social media platform, where there are users – there is potential to be found. Spend some time with Triller and see what happens.